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How To Make Your Bathroom Elder Friendly

Research has shown that one of the most dangerous places for seniors are the bathrooms. This is because bathrooms are slippery, which may result in the elderly slipping and falling, leading to injury. As such, it is important to take a second look at the bathrooms in your home for any potential issues that may be a safety hazard for the elderly in your family, and to ensure there is adequate bathroom safety.   Read on to find out more about how you can make your bathroom elder friendly!

How To Make Your Bathroom Elder Friendly

Shower Area 

As the showers are an area that get wet frequently, the elderly may be prone to falling due to a slippery floor. You can consider equipping the showers in your home with grab bars that are anchored to the wall. Grab bars that are sturdy are able to support the weight of an adult due to strong suction cups. They are also easy to put on and remove. If the elderly in your home has problems balancing properly, then you should consider getting a shower chair for them.

When installing shower heads in your home, you should opt for handheld shower wands which have an on and off button. Shower wands are a lot easier to control as compared to shower heads. Consider installing medical alert buttons as well in case of emergency.


If your family does not use bathtubs frequently, change it instead to a walk in shower. A bathtub may be too high to step over for elderly who do not have much strength in their legs, and may be uncomfortable or too low to sit in while showering. You should also take note of the water heater temperature settings. Water that is too hot can result in the scalding of skin. A regulator can be installed to prevent this from happening.


To prevent the floor from being too slippery, you can install a non-slip mat or nonskid tape to increase the friction on the floor. Ensure that the bath mats you are using are slip-proof and will not end up being a tripping hazard.

The Toilet

If your existing toilet seat is too low for the elderly in your home, you can choose to install raised-height seats on the toilets in your home. Toilets usually come at a standard height, but if you have special request or needs, manufacturers are able to help you get models that are a few inches higher. This makes it a lot easier for the elderly to sit on the toilet and get off the toilet.

The Space

Keep your bathroom clutter-free and ensure that all accessories and items are kept out of the way. It is important to think about functionality and accessibility when planning where to store things in the bathroom. A clutter-free bathroom will reduce the chances of tripping.

Are you in the midst of revamping your toilet to make it more friendly for the elderly in your home? Check out the bathroom safety products we stock at CWI Medical to enhance the safety in your bathroom! Feel free to contact us to find out more today!

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