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Impact Advanced Recovery Clinical Studies

Impact Advanced RecoveryAn analysis of 28 studies in major elective surgery showed only IMPACT ®  formula reduced the risk of infectious complications by 51% vs. standard nutrition or no intervention. Other immunonutrition formulas showed no significant effect. 1

  • Contains a unique immunonutrient blend (arginine, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, nucleotides) clinically proven to reduce risk of infection and length of stay after major elective surgery 2
  • Contains immune-modulating nutrients supported by the 2016 Critical Care Nutrition Guidelines 3 **
  • The IMPACT ® family has been shown in multiple clinical trials to support the immune system and help reduce rates of infection, ventilator days and LOS in surgical and critically ill patients when used as part of an early enteral nutrition regimen
  • Recommended intake of 3 cartons per day for 5 days pre-, peri- or post-operatively 4  or as otherwise recommended by a healthcare provider

**The above statement does not constitute an endorsement of IMPACT ® formula or any other Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition products by SCCM or A.S.P.E.N
1 Drover JW et al. JACS 2011:212(3):385-399.  2 Braga M et al. Surg 2002;132:805-814.  3 McClave SA et al. JPEN 2016:40(2):159-211
4 Waitzberg DL et al. WJS 2016;30:1592-1604

Nutritional Applications

  • Pre-op preparation and/or post-op recovery from major elective surgery:
    • Major gastrointestinal cancer surgery (esophageal, gastric, pancreatic, colon)
    • Gynecological cancer surgery
    • Hip surgery
    • Head and neck surgery
    • Cardiac surgery
    • Bladder cancer surgery
  • Trauma patients
  • Burns and wounds

Not indicated when immune suppression is desired.

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