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Make Baby Care Easier With CWI’s Recommended Products

Bringing home a newborn can be daunting, especially for your first child. It takes energy and patience to not get overwhelmed so you and your baby start off on the best foot possible. However, preparation is key.

Baby Care Recommened Products A study published in BioMed Central concluded that, 

This study has indicated the need for an improvement in parents' preparation for parenthood, the importance of including fathers in antenatal [before birth] education and that inadequate preparation remains a concern to both women and their partners. 

Parental education is important and aside from feeding, cleaning and sheltering your baby, using the proper tools to do so is essential.

Baby care with CWI’s recommended products offers easy solutions for many newborn (and beyond) challenges capable of making your and your child’s life a little bit easier. 

Beyond Breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is the best way to feed your infant, for many women, it is just not possible. Fortunately, baby formulas have significantly advanced over the last decade incorporating essential nutrients and gastrointestinal friendly ingredients.

Alfamino Infant Formula is one of the top quality preparations that caters to children with fat malabsorption challenges. One of the active ingredients is medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which have shown to significantly improve nutritional absorption for this population.

A study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood concluded that,

In childhood, MCT have particular advantages since they allow restriction of dietary long chain fats without limiting the intake of protein necessary for growth while providing adequate calories.

For babies that may have a cow’s milk allergy, Nutramigen Nursette Bottles are the ready-to-use, individually prepared and measured hypoallergenic formula that works best. Each is nutritionally balanced, prepared with LIPIL, essential fats that include a special Nutramigen blend of two essential fatty acids, DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (Arachidonic acid). These fatty acids have been shown to support an infant's brain and eye development as well as support weight gain.

The Journal of Pediatrics published a study by researchers at the Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada which concluded,

Feeding DHA+ARA from single-cell triglycerides enhances weight gain in formula-fed premature infants with no evidence of adverse effects.

For a milk-based formulas for sensitive tummies,  Similac Pro-Sensitive Infant Formula  promotes excellent growth, tolerance, and soft stools.

Keeping it Real

Another challenge that may accompany the inability to breastfeed is encouraging your child to latch on to an artificial nipple. The Enfamil Standard-Flow Soft Nipple brings a natural feel to a newborn in a safe, easy to feed design.

Other nipples can compromise or over-release air, potentially resulting in unnecessary digestive reactions causing discomfort and a colicky baby. These fit most standard bottles and include vented air flow technology for a mess-free, low air gulping experience keeping your baby calm, safe and comfortable.

Baby’s Skin

When continued baby wipe use, harsh soap or a soiled diaper occurs your baby’s skin can become vulnerable to bacteria growth and infection. Using a healing, protectant skin cream with high quality ingredients can make all the difference for infant skin safety and comfort.

Booty Goo Diaper Rash Cream seals the skin to protect against moisture and provides a clean environment to encourage new skin cell growth. It combines vitamin E, aloe vera and a high concentration of zinc oxide which work in conjunction to treat, heal and protect your child’s skin.

When it comes to baby care, these CWI recommended products are the best tools to get the job done when so many others fall to the wayside. Give your baby the best quality, comfort and safety with these and many other superior products from CWI.




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