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Simple Gluten Free Gravy Recipe

Simple Gluten Free Gravy Recipe

While thickening powders are use primarily for those who have dysphagia (trouble with swallowing), these powders are a great alternative to those who are sensitive to gluten as they are made of modified cornstarch and will not alter the taste of the sauce or gravy.


  • 1-2 tablespoons of ThickenUp, Thickit or Thick and Easy
  • 1 cup of liquid sans gluten ingredients (This can liquid from meat stock, chicken stock, vegatable stock, combo of pan drippings and stock, boullion with water.


Begin with warming up the liquid of choice.  As that liquid is getting hot, start with 1 tablespoon of the ThickenUp, Thickit or Thick and Easy and add enough liquid of choice. Mixing the powder and little iquid to create a slury or paste. Then add the slurry to the hot liquid, whisking at the same time.  Whisk until the slurry is completely incorporated and you will notice it will start to thicken.  For a thicker gravy, repeat the step to create the slurry and reintroduce this slurry to your current grave mix.  Bon Appitite with the smoothiest gravy!

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