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Types of Nutritional Supplement Packages

Nutritional Supplemt Manufactuers such as Abbott, Nestle, Kate Farms and more all have to package their delicious, healthy and medical neccessity drinks in either a can, bottle, box, reclosable box, and bag. 

  • For many years manufactuers used cans with a tab to open the formula and pour the drink into another cup or container to be served.  At first, the cans were completely all metal body with the metal tab on top. These cans were not resealable or closable, so at times would be wasted. Often these cans would get dented.
  • Next, the formulas would come in a plastic can with a metal top.  These cans were lighter, however may times can get crushed during shipping and then would leak.  Still not closeable or resealable leaving room for waste.
  • Some formulas come in a boxes with a foil tab, this package saved saved space and was a little lighter to transport
  • Just like many drinks you see everyday come in plastic bottles, such as iced tea, and other beverages.  These bottles or resealable and closable.  However it is believed that if in plastic, the nutrition is deminished over time, which is why, if you purchase milk, a cardboard milk carton holds it's nutrients longer
  • Very popular is the box with a twist top resealable top.  These provide a good way to save formula, save space and keeps the nutrients as close as the day it was manufactuered.
  • For our tube feeding friends, there are sealed bags that hang off of a pole to be used with a enteral feeding  machine which is them connected to a g-tube or a nasal tube for feeding.  Sometimes they will manually feed the patients with a syringe.

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