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All About Protein Powders and Protein Drinks

Protein powders and protein drinks can be great for supplementing your nutrition and making sure you get all of the nutrients you need to live well. People use protein powders and protein supplements for a variety of reasons. Some individuals supplement with additional protein for aesthetics and muscle gain. While fitness drinks are typically the preferred choice for these individuals, others require protein supplements for medical reasons. 

Protein SupplementsClinical symptoms that may cause people to explore supplementing with additional sources of protein include poor weight gain, lack of ability to gain or maintain weight, changes in behavior related to anxiety or irritability, and deficiencies. Some vitamin/mineral deficiencies that are commonly attributed to low protein include night blindness, goiters, anemia, and weakened nails. Finding the right protein powder or protein drink supplement may help.

There are a variety of different kinds of protein supplements adults and children can take. Some of these include Pro-Stat Liquid Protein,   Proteinex Liquid Protein,   Gelatin-High Protein,   Instant Protein Powder, and High Protein Drinks , all of which are available through CWI Medical.

The type of protein powder or protein supplement an individual chooses can make all the difference in their goals and how the protein is absorbed into their bodies. Whey protein is a very common type of protein that is often found in powder form. Whey protein has an average shelf life of between 9-19 months when stored under normal conditions, answering the question does whey protein powder expire.  Always adhere to the product packaging for more specific expiration dates about protein powder and if your protein powder has expired. Whey protein powder has a wide range of essential amino acids, giving it a high nutritional value. It is also easily digestible and more readily absorbed than some other forms of protein, making it one of the leading types of protein found in protein powder.

CWI Medical offers instant whey protein powder through Resource Beneprotein and ProPass . Protein powders are easy and effective for helping maintain healthy muscle function and tone. Both of the aforementioned protein powders are made from high-quality whey protein that can be instantly mixed into any beverage as well as a variety of foods. Some of the foods people like to mix protein powders into include applesauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, egg salad, and other foods with similar consistencies. 

Whey protein powder offers many benefits for those in need of protein supplementation. Unflavored whey protein powder will not disrupt the taste or flavor of your food, making it a versatile protein supplement. Protein powder has a long shelf life, making it an easy and accessible way to get all of the protein you need.

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Pro-Stat Liquid Protein and Uti-Stat
Pro-Stat Liquid Protein and Uti-Stat for UTIs


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