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Thoughtful Gifts for a Baby Shower and a Newborn

by Father of Three

Woman at baby shower As my friends start to expand their families, I always rack my brain on what to get the baby.  It has to be something that the parents would think would come in handy.  And when I think back to when my children were just born, and all the gifts I received for which we are very thankful, the following items always seem to be the biggest part of our budget as we grew our family.

Basically, what are babies known to do? Pretty much, all they do for the first couple of years is cry, drink formula or breast milk, pee and poop!  While we enjoyed every minute of it, we could have used some help with the day to day necessities of caring for a little one.

Here are some ideas that will go a long way for a parent to remain sane;

  • While pediatricians prefer breast milk, baby formula such as Enfamil or Similac are very popular among mothers wh o have difficulty breast feeding.
  • After the baby is full, burped and content, a few hours later the baby will start crying because they are waiting for you to unfasten the velcro-like tabs on the diaper to reveal a “gift” of some sorts.  A baby may go through 8 to 12 diapers per day.  Some brands include Pampers, Huggies and there is a new one called Cuties that is gaining a lot of popularity.
  • Since you’ve been warned of a pending diaper change that is wafting in the air.  Grab that tub of baby wipes and have them nearby as you unfasten the baby diaper tabs.
  • You’ve wiped baby down, for an extra clean you can use Pro-Advantage Perineum Cleanser .  This No-rinse spray wash has a pleasant scent of  water lily papaya. Its gentle, soothing formula quickly cleans, refreshes and eliminates odors. Rich in lanolin and aloe, it replenishes natural skin oils.
  • To protect the baby from diaper rash, Pro-Advantage Perineal Cream is designed to prevent moisture, urine & fecal matter from contacting skin. This non-greasy barrier allows the skin to breathe without being occlusive. Rubs in clear to permit easy monitoring. Unique formula of dimethicone and zinc oxide helps protect the skin. Dimethicone is a silicone-based skin protectant that retains moisture in the skin, while zinc oxide protects against skin irritants. Vitamins A, D and E nourish the skin. Specially formulated without dyes or perfumes.
  • Now it’s bathtime, and baby will enjoy Bella B Natural Bodycare , which utilizes the highest-quality, clinically-proven ingredients available. Clean, natural formulations free of petroleum, mineral oils, lanolin and parabens. That means no artificial preservatives and no sheep wool by-products.
  • In case the baby is feeling warm the ADTEMP 427 Temple Touch Thermometer will show if the baby has a fever.  Get well soon baby!

I remember driving out late at night picking up formula or baby diapers because we ran out.  The great thing is that many of the products above can be set up on Repeat Delivery ;  scheduled delivery of Baby Formula, Baby Diapers, Baby Wipes, Underpads and other supplies would be such a convenience for sleep deprived parents.  Best part of all, shipment can be modified as the child grows.

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