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Dwight Schrute’s The Office Emergency Management Plan

A lot can be learned from the critically acclaimed sitcom, The Office. This show revolves around an average everyday office that sells paper, the show can easily be connected to everyday life in an office (but not exactly), and although the show is made for comedic purposes, there are important takeaways every now and then in the show for emergency management planning.

Dwight Schrute's The Office Emergency Management PlanIn season five, the two-part episode, “Stress Relief”, starts off with the character Dwight Schrute simulating a ‘fire’ in the workplace to test his fellow office workers, to see if they reviewed the emergency plan and are prepared in case of an emergency. Their office is located on one of the upper floors of the building. His emergency plan simulation doesn’t go as planned, and the office is immediately thrown into a free-for-all, with every person fighting for themselves. People start climbing into the ceiling, breaking windows, breaking vending machines, and using the photocopier as a battering ram to escape. The simulation ends with Dwight’s co-worker Stanley Hudson having a heart attack.

Many things can be learned from this scene, as it cost the Dunder Mifflin company roughly $9,055 for damages and almost cost someone's life, and it all could have been easily avoided. In the case that someone like Stanley does have a heart attack in an emergency, CWI Medical has just the right product that has saved many lives, the Zoll AED Plus, an automated external defibrillator. 

The Zoll AED Plus is a life saving tool that not only delivers shocks, but also helps the rescuer deliver high quality CPR. The Zoll AED Plus has Real CPR Help, a built in feature which allows the AED to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback with audio and visual prompts, to help you rescue with confidence.     

Since the Dunder Mifflin office is situated in a multi-story office building.  It’s important to be able to move someone like an unconscious and unresponsive Stanley Hudson down to the first floor safely, especially when emergency medical technicians are traveling from far away. The Stryker Evacuation Chair is made just for this type of situation. The Stryker Evacuation Chair can be easily stored and accessible as in the closet space for the Michael Scott Paper Company or in the stairwell.  It is used for the efficient evacuation of disabled or injured patients on multi-leveled floors. The chair’s advanced technology allows for easy transportation of patients down stairs by a single operator, allows the operator to have a forward-facing upright position, and has foot end lift handles that extend-which allow for easy maneuverability up stairs and around obstacles. 

CWI Medical also provides first-aid kits , which is an absolute necessity in the workplace, especially if you are dealing with paper. Paper cuts can be a fatal injury if it gets infected! Keep alcohol prep pads and DermaKlenz Wound Cleanser on hand to clean wounds, and if you don’t sutures for deep cuts, use the Dukal Wound Closure Strips to keep the laceration closed together. 

In case of an emergency, crazy co-worker, patients, or caregivers feel rest assured not to worry about working too hard in order to get everyone to safety or saving a life. Leave that to us, and no matter the situation, no one is getting left behind in the Office!  Call our Customer Service at 631-753-8390.

Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator with Kit Stryker Evacuation Chair Pro Advantage 25 Person First Aid Kit
Zoll AED Plus Kit Stryker Evacuation Chair First Aid Kits




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