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Eating Healthy & Getting Your Vitamins During Holidays

It's no surprise that the holidays are a double edged sword. On one end you get to celebrate with family and friends but on the other end you are confronted with rich food and beverages that may be hard to avoid.

Eating healthy and getting your vitamins during holidays may not be as difficult as you think. It just takes some minor focus and your could be enjoying the best of both worlds during some much needed rest and relaxation.

Eating Healthy & Getting Your Vitamins During Holidays 3 Preparation Tips

Before you attend a holiday party, you may be inundated with various tasks like getting dressed or wrapping a gift. As you get ready you are probably not thinking about how you’re going to eat when you get there. Therefore, it is important to change that.

Preparation is key and there are a few things you can add to your pre-party tasks so you don’t return home in an uncomfortable digestive state.

  • Protein - Eat some protein beforehand. Protein will fill you up but still leave room for some tasting. If you have no time to prepare a meal, try a pre-prepared protein drink like Boost® High Protein Drink or a PROTEINEX 2GO , High Protein Shot with 26 grams of protein in one 2.5 oz serving.  
  • Enzymes - Pack a digestive enzyme to take with you. Digestive enzymes are like booster shots to your digestive process. They should contain the proper enzymes to break down dairy, carbohydrates, proteins and sugars. Look for lipase, amylase, protease and lactase in the ingredients. Take two with meals for easier digestion. These enzymes can be found at your local health food store or where vitamins are sold.
  • Multi-Up - Take a good multivitamin like Nephronex-SL Smooth Dissolve Tablets . This will fill the nutritional gap that some processed holiday foods cannot.

Go Mindless to Mindful Eating

As mentioned, minor focus can keep you steady and this is called mindful eating. The first rule of mindful eating is to recognize mindless eating. This is when you are randomly grabbing different snacks that will eventually take their toll on your gastrointestinal tract.

More often than not, these mindless mixed foods will cause future symptoms such as constipation, bloating, and indigestion. Instead, “think before you grab”. This means envisioning how your body will react later to salty or high sugar foods. This doesn’t mean you can’t taste some of your favorite dishes, it just means to keep the portions small and the picking to a minimum.

Manage Your Condition This Holiday

During the holidays, it's important to stay on point with any health conditions you may have. It could be acid reflux, high cholesterol, or diabetes where some food can actually be dangerous.

There are some choices you can make to avoid ruining your holiday with mindless eating. When it comes to diabetes, or if you just want to increase your glucose and nutrition, try a glucose drink before attending a holiday event or going shopping for gifts in the mall (where fast food stands are everywhere). Something like Boost Glucose Control and Glucerna will keep you full enough to avoid Cinnabons, and the like, while increasing energy to walk by quickly.

Quick Referral

These 7 reminders are a good referral list to stay in check so you can remain eating healthy and getting your vitamins during holidays.

  • Control Portions - Keep them small and far between.
  • Eat when you’re hungry - Don’t graze in mindless eating.
  • Plan - Take action before holiday events or shopping (i.e.: digestive enzymes, protein, etc)
  • Slow down - Put your fork down between chewing.
  • Pay attention - Watch what you grab, don’t get distracted by television, phone, etc.
  • Use technology - Look into food apps to control holiday eating choices.
  • Keep a food diary - Jotting down food selection gives you good referral on what to avoid.

Eating healthy and getting your vitamins during holidays is essential. Keep steadfast and focused for a mind and body stress-free experience so the celebration can thoroughly be enjoyed.





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