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Nutrition for Diabetics: Special Prepared Foods & Dietary Tips

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a difficult challenge at first but in due time keeping your insulin under control becomes a manageable adjustment. This is done through medical supervision, insulin monitors and medicine as well as a specific diet of wholesome, low carbohydrate and low sugar foods.

Nutrition for Diabetics: Special Prepared Foods & Dietary Tips

Nutrition for diabetics includes smart dietary choices along with some adjunct preparations such as liquid nutritional drinks like Resource Diabetishield or Diabetisource AC for optimal health.

Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB)

Under the guidance of your physician, the most favorable source of nutrition for diabetics is a whole food plant based diet (WFPB).

This includes:

  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Avoiding processed foods and animal products.

In a combined study of a whole food plant-based diet in the community for obesity, ischemic heart disease or diabetes by researchers from New Zealand, published in Nutrition and Diabetes (3/20/17), it was concluded that,

This program led to significant improvements in BMI (body mass index), cholesterol and other risk factors. To the best of our knowledge, this research has achieved greater weight loss at 6 and 12 months than any other trial that does not limit energy intake or mandate regular exercise.

Overall, a WFPB diet scores high on optimal nutrition for diabetics.

Nuts and Seeds: Small but Strong

It may sound like squirrel food but nuts and seeds are some power packed snacks that may help you manage or possibly avoid diabetes.

The University of Florida Diabetes Institute cites a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which found that, 

...eating nuts and peanuts may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in women. Reduced risk was greatest in people who ate the most nuts. Those who never or almost never ate nuts had no change in risk, and those who consumed nuts five or more times a week had a 27 percent lower risk. Women who consumed peanut better five or more times per week had a 21 percent lower risk compared to women who never or almost never ate peanut butter.

Add a few handfuls of peanuts, almonds, sunflower or chia seeds, several times per day for a way to take the offense against diabetes while helping other functions such as increasing energy.

On the Periphery

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain freshly prepared foods when a hectic life or physical challenge gets in the way. Peripheral nutritious choices may need to be considered. Some of these include a variety of fast, easy and convenient forms of nutrition for diabetics like glucose enhancers such as Boost Glucose Control and Glucerna.



Glucose supplements have been shown to aid specific diabetic needs. In a study of glucose supplement drinks published in BMJ Journals (vol 4 Iss 1)it was concluded,

In summary, consumption of a diabetes-specific nutritional supplement led to a significantly lower mean glucose AUC [area under the curve] compared with subjects consuming a standard formula. These findings suggest that the use of a product designed for use by individuals with type 2 diabetes may prove useful as an adjunct to glucose stabilization and management practices.

Keep your health on course with smart dietary options that are good choices as nutrition for diabetics. Heed your doctor’s advice and always notify your practitioner of any dietary changes so you minimize risk and live an optimally healthy life.






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