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Everything You Need To Know About Commode Chairs

When people grow old, some of them face challenges in carrying out simple tasks. This includes taking walks, cooking their own meals, and even showering. If a loved one finds it difficult to do daily activities like taking a shower by themselves, specialized equipment like commodes may help. Commodes aim to provide the patient optimum comfort during their showers and are the perfect choice for those who are thinking of getting a commode chair. Read on to find out more about commode chairs.

Everything You Need To Know About Commode Chairs

What is a Commode? 

A commode is basically a chair used by people who require special assistance, including the elderly, the disabled, or those who have illnesses. It is a chair that is designed to allow users to use it beside the bed, and is able to be wheeled into the toilet, thus making it more convenient for users.

What are the Benefits of Commodes?

Commodes offer a wide range of benefits for those who are in need of it. Firstly, it gives a person more autonomy. When someone is in a position where they feel they have lost their autonomy, they may want to continue fending for themselves despite the challenges they face. With a commode, it allows users to be more independent. 

Furthermore, a commode can help to preserve the privacy of the user. Sometimes, your loved ones reject help for basic tasks, such as going to the toilet. With a commode, they are able to relieve themselves in privacy, which may make them feel more at ease.

Most importantly, a commode can help to enhance safety. This is because the risk of falling and resulting serious injuries is reduced with a commode chair. A commode chair comes with support bars which are able to hold the weight of the user, effectively assisting them in sitting down and getting up.

Where Should a Commode be Placed?

Commodes should be located in a convenient space, such as the bedroom of the user. You may also opt to place it in the toilet if it provides more support to the user. Before using a commode, ensure that you have the necessary supplies to clean it as well. Some supplies that you will require include toilet paper, disposable gloves, wipes, towels, warm water, detergent and more.

How to Use Shower Commodes

Shower commodes are designed to assist users who find it challenging to stand up and shower for extended periods. Brands like Broda offer shower commodes like the Revive Bariatric Shower Commode that make it convenient for users to shower. Ensure that the user is comfortable in the chair, and that you have the necessary items required for showering. Your loved one can be lowered onto the shower commode, and you can go ahead to assist your loved one in undertaking bathroom tasks. The wheels can be locked, and the seat can be adjusted to ensure the patient is comfortable.

If you are thinking about purchasing a commode for your loved one, look no further than CWI Medical. We stock a range of commodes from commode chairs to shower commodes from leading brands like Broda and are able to help you with your medical supply needs. Feel free to contact us to find out more today!

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