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Tips for the Best Fall Prevention Measures Around the Home

Fall Prevention Measures around the home. The right equipment installed in the home for fall prevention with seniors

The annual Falls Prevention Day observed on September 22 rd , 2021. The day will be marked to raise public awareness about how to prevent falls, and thereby, injuries related to falls, among adults.

Tips for the Best Fall Prevention Measures around the home Falls at home is not uncommon. In fact, approximately one out of every three seniors fall at home every year. More than half of these falls requires hospitalization. However, most people don’t report a fall. There are several reasons falls are so common at home – from unsteady chairs and slippery floors to clutters and messes. A safe living space can ensure that most falls are avoided. Here are some tips on creating a safer living environment:

  1. Clean up clutter and messes. The longer you allow clutter to build up, the more difficult it will be to clean up and the higher the risk of a fall.
  2. Repair home fixtures such as loose cords, warped carpets, slippery rugs, and loose floorboards.
  3. Install safety devices such as grab bars in the bathroom and handrails for adults and senior citizens.
  4. Ensure dark passages are fitted with proper lighting.
  5. Ensure carpet, rugs, and mats are non-slip.
  6. Walk slowly and carefully. Look where you are walking.

CWI Medical has several different types of equipment to make the home a safe place for seniors. Here is a list of products that are designed for seniors to ensure they are safe in and around the home:


Senior citizens who are unsteady on their feet will benefit from a cane. A reliable cane is solid, can withstand the weight of its user, and will give them the support they require when moving around. Most of the canes here can have their heights adjusted for comfortable use.

The Offset Handle Cane has an ergonomically designed handle with a soft foam rubber grip. The height of the can be adjusted to ensure comfort. It comes with a wrist strap for added safety.

The T Handle Cane has an attractive wooden handle. It has a sturdy built with a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The Quad Cane has a large base with four base points. It has an offset handle for stability and good support. Its height can be adjusted, and it does not require any assembly.

The Folding Cane is a stylish unisex cane that is available in a variety of designs. It can be easily folded and put away in a bag when not in use. It provides a good grip and is made of a sturdy aluminum shaft.

The Retractable Ice Tip Cane is designed for safety on ice. It comes with a retractable slip-resistant metal ice tip to ensure safety when walking in snowy and icy conditions around the home. It also comes fitted with a safety wrist strap for added safety.

Cane accessories

Cane accessories provide added safety.

The Cane Strap is attached to the top of the cane and slips around the wrist. So, there are fewer chances of its handler dropping the cane. The cane strap can be easily attached to most types of wooden and aluminum cane.

The 5-Prong Ice Grip Cane/Crutch Attachment is removable, adjustable, and retractable. The contraption can be attached to most canes and crutches. It reduces the chances of senior citizens falling in snowy and icy conditions. It can safely be used on icy roads and pavements.

The Cane Holder is easy to fit onto the edge of a table and easily fits around the cane shaft. The foam discs ensure the cane is not damaged.


Bath Mats for bathrooms where water and soap tend to make the floor slippery.

The Bath Mat (large) prevents falling, skidding, and slipping while bathing. It is extra-long, so you can move around without stepping off the mat. It is securely held in place by several suction cups.

Bi-folding safety floor mats are also available.

Grab bars

Grab bars ensure you can easily sit down and get up from the toilet without falling over. They are also used in the shower and tub to prevent slipping. Most of the grab bars here can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The Chrome Knurled Grab Bar provides no-slip grips. It can be mounted vertically and horizontally and is a comfortable 1/1/2” from the wall.

The Suction Cub Grab Bar has extra-large suction cups to ensure maximum security. It is secured with release levers, so they are secured tightly for maximum safety.

The White Powder Coated Grab Bar isattractive and easy to clean.

The Moen Designer Grab Bar has its very own towel bar.

Parallel Clamp-on Tub Rail ensure you can easily get in and out of the tub. They must be clamped on to the tub and lie parallel to the tub. They are easy to install and come with a steel locking mechanism for safety.

The Plastic Tub Rail is an ergonomically designed tub rail with safety grip.


The footstool is sturdy, with non-slip textured matting on the seat. It is available with and without support. It prevents falls and allows seniors to reach for overhead items that are just above arms reach. Stools can be used in the bathroom, as well.

The Cane Sling/Seat can be used just for support or as a seat. It also works as a quad cane when it is closed.

The Bamboo Shower Chair Stool is made of eco-friendly bamboo and vented to help prevent soap/water build-up.

The Adjustable Teak Bath Bench is a teak bath stool with adjustable height and can be used in shower stalls.

Bedside rails

Bedside rails provide support on either side of the bed and prevent seniors from rolling off the bed. They also help seniors pull themselves to an upright position safely, without hurting themselves.

Helping Handle Bedside Support provides solid support to pull yourself up from the bed to a seated position. It is especially useful for those suffering from muscular and back conditions.

The Home Bed Side Helper and Universal Bed Side Rails are steady and sturdy.

Half-length Steel Bed Rails can be adjusted to fit a bed. It is used to help with getting in and out of bed easily. It is ideal for protection when the bed is elevated and prevents seniors from rolling out of bed. It provides double support on either side of the bed.

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