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Halloween Is Coming, Do You Have Your Anatomy Models Yet?

Whether you're studying to go into the medical field, have the desire to be surrounded by anatomy or want to make a unique Halloween impression, CWI Medical anatomy models deliver.

Anatomical World Wide Budget Life-Size Skull Model

Being up front and center to the human skull, 26 vertebrae, 3-D kidney and so much more makes these models worth years of teaching and referral. It is estimated that anatomy models are an integral part of pre-med learning, particularly when it comes to education and budget. 

According to a combined study by researchers from the USA, Italy, and United Arab Emirates published in Advances in Health and Sciences (10/16 - Vol 21, Iss 4) it was concluded that,

“Our results demonstrated that physical models appear to offer an effective educational value to understanding spatial arrangements of anatomical organs. In the actual status of anatomy teaching and its challenges, the easy affordability and educational effectiveness of 3D physical models could offer a practical tool to bring up the learners’ level of gross anatomy knowledge at low cost.”

Whether goulash or gross anatomy, Halloween is coming, do you have your anatomy models yet?

Halloween Props and Teaching Tools

CWI carries a small but impressive selection of anatomy models made up of skulls, skeletons and organs . Each is constructed of high quality plastics and polymers to give as close to life-like anatomy as possible for novice to advanced interests. Perfect for Halloween props that will certainly impress your friends and then, after the festivities, for that upcoming anatomy test.

 Classic Stan Human Skeleton Anatomy Model


Budget Life Size Skull - Studying for tests is much easier with the Budget Life Size Skull. Basic features such as suture lines, movable jaw, cut calvarium (skull top) and 3 removable lower teeth make this inexpensive skull model a howling deal.

Budget Two-Piece Skull Model - It is often the simplest tool that gives one a jack-o-lantern “aha” moment. This two-piece skull model is a plastic, life-size, adult skull that features a movable jaw on springs and an uncut calvarium for quick, simple reference.


My First Skeleton - Sometimes, given limited space, a life size skeleton is not possible. My first skeleton is the perfect desktop placement for easy referral that young scientists to seasoned pros can use. On Halloween you can make it dance in your window to frighten young trick or treaters.

Flexible Mini Spine Model with Stand  - For a specific look at the skeletal spine, this flexible mini model features pelvis, nerve branches, vertebral artery, movable femur heads, occipital bone, and herniated lumbar disc. Plus, it comes with a stand and key card with 54 identified structures.

Anatomical World Wide Budget Jumbo Heart Model Organs

Whopper Eye Model - See into the future with this enlarged eyeball duplicate showing detailed renderings that divides into 7 parts. It's a boo-tiful, hands-on teaching and learning tool for any aspiring, creepy cyclops loving student or goblin.

Get Noggin’ - Budget Brain with Arteries Model is the perfect Halloween Party conversation starter with its color markings that illustrate arteries (red) and cranial nerves (yellow) able to dissect into 8 parts. However, get a real scream by displaying the Budget Skull With 8-part Brain Model complete with a translucent 8-part brain that fits inside the cranial cavity.

Make this Halloween a fang-tastic event with CWI’s skull, skeleton and organ models that can be displayed yearly for Halloween fun or when medical anatomy referral is needed.

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