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How SimplyThick Works


SimplyThick is a gel consisting of a pre-dissolved thickener.  This means the thickener that is the basis of SimplyThick, which is xanthan gum, is already completely dissolved when it is packaged in our manufacturing plant.  When added to a beverage, the gel is dispersed into the beverage by agitation and provides the diet-appropriate thickness.  Because there is no powder, there are no undissolved clumps.  Since all of the thickener is already dissolved, there can be no thickening once mixing is stopped.

It is important to realize that the thickener in SimplyThick behaves very differently in solution than other thickeners.  The nature of the thickener in SimplyThick is to appear very thick when undisturbed, but when mixed or poured it appears much thinner.  This characteristic and the clear solutions that SimplyThick produces mean that the visual cues that have been used in the past to judge beverage thickness may not work with SimplyThick.

There are two simple visual cues that SimplyThick is working in a beverage.  First, look for small air bubbles entrained in the beverage.  SimplyThick will tend to trap these air bubbles when the beverage is thickened.  Second, look for large undispersed gel particles in the beverage.  If these are present, the gel needs more mixing.  If absent, the gel is fully dispersed and the beverage is ready to drink.

When first using SimplyThick, it may be a good idea to have an in-service to mix SimplyThick in different beverages and see how it looks and acts.  The real proof that SimplyThick is working is how it feels in the mouth; at first, a taste test can provide reassurance, if necessary.

How Long Does It Take?
Preparation time depends on the combination of the beverage and the method of mixing.  Good rules of thumb are that shaking will take under 10 seconds, mixing with a machine will take under 30 seconds, mixing with a whisk or a fork will take under 60 seconds, and mixing with a spoon may take a couple of minutes.

Improving Patient Acceptance
SimplyThick’s unique gel delivery system provides the basis for its benefits.  The patented gel formulation mixes quickly and completely by hand, without lumps or undissolved particles to detract from a beverage’s appearance.  Beverages are ready to drink as soon as mixing is complete.  Beverage thickness is stable and consistent, with no additional thickening or separation over time.

SimplyThick adds to flavor to the beverages it thickens.  Equally important, SimplyThick thickens all liquids - hot and cold - so menu options are dramatically increased.  Water, juice, soda, milk, coffee, tea, soups, beer, wine and mixed drinks can all be part of a thickened diet.  SimpltyThick can also be used in purees and other foods served to patients with swallowing difficulties.  Additionally, SimplyThick is a non-digestible food fiber and adds no calories to foods and beverages.  It’s ideal for patients on strictly controlled diets.

Easy to Use
SimplyThick comes in pre-measured packets that eliminate the hassle of measuring different amounts of thickener for different beverages or diets.  Available in NECTAR and HONEY consistencies*, each individual serving-size packet thickens a 4 oz (120 ml) beverage.  This means that, for a given consistency, SimplyThick is used in the same quantity in all beverages.  Results are the same each time, and no special measuring spoons or containers are required.

* Pudding-thick consistency is achieved by doubling the HONEY dosage.

If you have any questions about SimplyThick, please feel free to contact CWI Medical at 1-877-9-CWIMED or over the web at .

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