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Janibell Waste Disposal Products

Trash Disposal Solutions for Hospital and Health Care Facilities


Janibell Trash Disposal Systems

"Open bucket" trash cans with overhanging bags is not just unsightly — it can also be quite smelly, and the overhanging bag can quickly begin to harbor dangerous pathogens. Janibell's full line of trash disposal solutions helps you create a clean, sanitary, attractive and odor-free environment. Once items are deposited in the trash, your patients and staff will not see, touch or smell them again.

Designed for Commercial Use

Each Janibell trash container features durable, latex-free construction of hard, non-porous ABS resin, reinforced with metal crossbars. Designed with sleek and simple lines that look attractive with any decor, Janibell will stand up to many years of heavy use. Hospitals especially appreciate Janibell's unique, fully enclosed liner system because it saves facilities both time and money.

  • In Cabinet Trash Cans — Great for saving floor space in exam rooms
  • Small Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Perfect for waiting rooms, under desks and in patient rooms and restrooms
  • Medium-Sized Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Used in clinics, exam rooms, nursing stations and labs
  • Large Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Ideal for exam rooms, restrooms and break rooms; can also be used as hampers for soiled linens
  • Extra Large Stand-Alone Trash Cans — Designed for areas that generate a high amount of waste each day; can also be used as hampers for soiled linens
  • Commercial Diaper Pails — With a double sealing system and 13 gallon capacity
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposal System — For disposing of feminine hygiene products in women's restrooms
* Janibell complies with state and federal regulations and adheres to the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC and Health and Safety Code.
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