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Promod Protein is Discontinued

Promod Protein is being discontinued by Abbott Nutrition because of third party manufacturing limitation.  Abbott plans to relaunch the popular liquid protein supplement in the forth quarter of 2021.  Promod was designed to increase the amount of protein to someones nutritional needs through a whey powder form with usually 1 or 2 scoops.  The challenge was that it was not easy to be used for tube feeders to use this form of protein.  It would clog up the tube. 

Whey protein is created when the liquid in milk is separated from the solids (cheese), leaving a liquid that is high in protein.  This then is converted into a powder to be used by many people including fitness and athletes, but more importantly used by patients who suffer from wounds, involuntary weight lost, pre and post surgery, anorexia, stress, traumer, cancer and burns.

In 2009, several scientiest created a stable liquid protein through hydrolized collegen. This liquid protein became popularized by a company called Pro-Stat , located in Englewood, New Jersey.  It was after Pro-Stat was created, that the Promod Powder was discontinued.  A few years later, a liquid version of Promod was reintroduced    Pro-stat was later sold to clinical nutrition manufacturer, Nutricia, and headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.  Nutricia has created different specialized nutritional fomulas that helps different patiences of all stages of ilness.  

Pro-Stat l iquid protein is typically used when low volume protein nutrition is needed.  For example, for bariatric surgery the patient is limited in the volume of food and liquid they can consume.  In other disease states, the need to less volume is needed but protein has shown to be an important factor for improving the healing process.

During this production shutdown and retooling, take a look at the following to meet your needs and chat with your healthcare team about what might work best for you and the sizes they come in.

Pro-Stat Liquid Protein, Sugar Free LiquaCel Liquid Protein ProSource Liquid Protein, NoCarb Proteinex 18 Liquid Protein
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