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The Benefits of Having an Adult Diaper Pail

Janibell Odor Free Adult Diaper Pail

Let's face it, even though a diaper genie is great, a standard baby and toddler diaper pail can only hold so much.  Adult Diaper Pails have large enough openings, great capacity, have an odor free disposal system, and are an effective system for conveniently disposing of soiled adult diapers and pull-ups. No one wants or needs to smell old and soiled diapers, and adult diaper pails offer amazing odor free protection against the odors that accompany incontinence.

Here are the top reasons why we recommend investing in an adult sized diaper pail.

  1. Improved cleanliness and total convenience. Adult diaper pails help improve cleanliness because they offer an easy system for efficiently disposing of soiled incontinence products. Having such a convenient system makes the chore of changing diapers and cleaning up their messes much easier.
  2. Trap odors where they belong.  Living in a space that smells from soiled incontinence diapers or pull-ups can be a stressful issue to both caregivers and loved ones.  A quality adult diaper pail closes tightly and has a double sealing system for extra odor control.
  3. Adult-Sized Diaper Pails have openings that are big enough. Trying to squeeze an adult sized diaper into a small hole meant for baby diapers would be a constant and possibly messy challenge.  Adult-sized diaper genies are designed with generous openings made for adult diapers and adult pull-ups.
  4. Adult Diaper Pails have the capacity to hold adult-sized diapers. In using a Child-sized diaper pail, they have to be emptied too often to be convenient.  They just don’t hold enough adult pull-ups and diapers to make them worthwhile.  Adult pails are made to hold enough adult diapers to be convenient.

We recommend JANIBELL AKORD Diaper Pails for adults. They are sturdy pails that have large openings, have the capacity to hold adult-sized diapers and they close up tightly for quality odor control. Their liners can be cut off at any size so you can dispose of soiled incontinence supplies as often as you want without wasting any of the liners. The Akord diaper genie has a pedal for 1-step, no touch, hygienic disposal. The strong, stretch-resistant liners also have a gentle scented powder infused right in for added odor control.


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