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The Importance of High-Quality Incontinence Products in the Midst Worker Shortages

The COVID-19 Pandemic has upended life many times since it first permeated our world in 2020. From global and community health upheavals to supply chain issues, COVID has changed pretty much everything about how we go about our everyday lives. The workforce is another area that has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Empty Shelves While job loss was rampant in the beginning, these days we are now seeing a resistance to return to the workforce, resulting in worker shortages around the world. Every industry is experiencing it, but the labor industry was one of the hardest hit. With fewer workers available to perform the same amount of jobs that were previously needed, current workers are forced to pick up the slack and often extend their shifts, which could be problematic for those who rely on incontinence products.

Incontinence is a condition that affects about 300 million people worldwide, which equates to about 5% of the entire population. [i] There are many causes for incontinence, some of which include spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, disorders that affect nerve function, vesicovaginal fistulas, pregnancy, menopause, and age. Regardless of the cause, the need to address incontinence from a functional and practical level is more prevalent than ever, especially as labor workers pick up extra shifts to cover for the worker shortages.

Incontinence products include a range of options, from pads to briefs, all designed to keep the wearer comfortable, dry, safe, and secure. While it is typically recommended that those who wear liners, pads, and briefs (like adult diapers) change them often, this may not be feasible for those in the labor workforce. It is therefore crucial that these individuals wear high quality overnight briefs.

Situations like the current worker shortage mean individuals are unable to change their adult diapers as frequently as recommended. In situations like these, using a strong and reliable product like Tranquility Premium DayTime Disposable Underwear  or Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Underwear is essential. The DayTime briefs provide heavy protection for active daytime use and have an Absorbent Peach mat to prevent skin dryness, odor reduction, and the neutralization of urine and bacterial growth. The Overnight briefs as just as appropriate for uninterrupted sleep as they are for long daytrips or extended workdays, which labor works may experience more frequently now due to the worker shortages.  

Both varieties come in multiple sizes and are made with silent, breathable material to be discreet. They have adjustable, comfortable waist bands and provide for easy pull-up or pull-down functionality. Although changing into fresh adult diapers is the number one recommended way to prevent infection and skin disease for individuals who suffer from incontinence, the reality of the current worker shortage around the world may not allow for this in all situations. Using high quality, long-lasting, ultra-protective pads and briefs like those from Tranquility is the best way to counteract the potentially negative side effects that could occur during this difficult time.

For more information on using and wearing adult diapers and incontinence products, please feel free to contact us at CWI Medical today.

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[i] Hall, S. (2019, March 8). What percentage of the population are affected by incontinence? Incontinence UK. Retrieved March 10, 2022, from


Prevail Incontinence Products
Prevail Incontinence Products

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