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Caring for Those with Incontinence – Eating, Drinking & More

There are many people who struggle every day with eating and drinking, a basic necessity of everyday life. For those caring for individuals suffering from incontinence, there are solutions out there in relieving the day to day activities of caring for such family members, and patients, including, but not limited to home healthcare, and, or aging in place.

Becoming a Caregiver for your mom Adults and children with special needs and disabilities can find it difficult to deal with the act of meal time. Successfully managing the intake of food and liquid necessary on a regular basis for regulating weight and proper nourishment can be difficult on the caretaker as well.  A person with special needs and disabilities may sometimes require the support of others to provide a healthy selection of food, drinks and supplements.  An increase in weight or a loss of weight can be caused by the medications prescribed to regulate an individual’s illness and or disability are an additional factor to manage in the day to day care for someone with incontinence, adults or children.

Elderly with incontinence are more at risk for complications

Aiding our elderly in receiving proper nutrition due to a decrease in appetite is a concern to many in order to avoid malnutrition and dehydration which can increase the possibility of complications such as:  poor wound healing, infections, abnormal low blood pressure, and others concerns.  Assisting individuals with special needs to eat and drink the proper foods and liquids will help them improve in the ability to cope better with their conditions for a higher quality of life. 


Tips on preparing to take care of someone with incontinence

Seeking professional help from a health care provider and or a dietician is ideal in receiving information regarding personalized modifications to a diet.  These professionals are trained to evaluate information such as: special needs, family medical history, and your current health to determine beneficial nutrition and what needs to be added and eliminated from your diet.

Make a log of daily caretaking

Having the caregiver provide a log and sharing the content of what the individual is eating and drinking with the health care provider will inform them of what specific foods and beverages the person eats during an entire day so they are able to make the right adjustments.  There are so many products rich in vitamins, minerals and other vital ingredients available that can be added to your diet or the person you are caring for to obtaining quality nutritional support.  Along with nutritional needs there is also a demand for special products helpful during meal time at home and health care facilities.    

What products does CWI Medical recommend for caring for someone with incontinence with regards to eating and drinking?

Disposable Lab Bib or Reusable Cloth Bibs

One of the many items that make daily feeding for a patient easier are adult disposable lap bibs providing protection from food and fluids on clothes reducing clean up time after meals. Disposable provides convenience as they do not need to be washed and dried. Reusable Clothing Protectors are still a reliable and easy way to protect clothing from spills and general messes.

Disposable Pillow Covers

Maintaining the day to day cleanliness of bed sheets, pillows and other bedding can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. To shorten cleaning expenses and time spent on pillow covers, CWI Medical recommends these Disposable Pillow Covers . Made of Apex, and light weight and economical paper.


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