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Trotter Mobility Chair Specialty Stroller: Review

The Trotter stroller for special needs is a state-of-the-art medical stroller designed to offer the highest degree of comfort, convenience, and safety when travelling. With a suite of high-end features, the Trotter mobility chair is one of the best special needs strollers available on the market.

Trotter Mobility Chair Specialty Stroller Design & construction

Made from highly-durable and high load-bearing materials, the Trotter Mobility Chair Specialty Stroller is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stroller wheelchair that doesn’t resemble an ordinary wheelchair. Perfect for your toddler, teenager, or an adult, it has been designed keeping in mind the growing needs of patients.

Extremely lightweight, it can be easily lifted, folded, and transported in cars, buses, and other modes. The stroller is designed to be a handicap stroller, ideal for people suffering from a variety of conditions This makes the Trotter wheelchair one of the best special needs stroller for autism and epilepsy, as it prevents any rolling-back of the head during seizures.

The ATP™ back support system also offers various levels of seat positioning - 85°, 90°, and 95° - which can be controlled by the user and the caregiver. This helps improve posture in children who need to use the child wheelchair stroller for extended periods of time and for years.

Other features

The Trotter Mobility Chair Specialty Stroller is available in sizes between 12 inches and 18 inches and can support up to 250lbs of weight. The rear wheels of the Trotter strollers for special needs are also equipped with easy-to-operate toggle locks that can be used to keep the stroller from rolling away.

The stroller comes with a lever and anti-tippers that assist with curbside navigation and prevents tipping. Both the seat depth and back support height are adjustable, allowing for greater comfort. 

Exceptional safety features

Safety is of priority to the manufacturers of the Trotter wheelchair. The stroller comes with a pelvic belt that prevents forward slumping and aids in proper body positioning.

This stroller for special needs has been crash-tested (WC-19) using the parameters for a 130-lbs individual traveling at a speed of 30mph. The stroller’s phenomenal performance in the crash test makes it one of the safest adapted strollers for mobility-challenged individuals.

A special stroller for special needs

One of the best features about the Trotter stroller is that it is available for teenagers too. Designed for the growing needs of preteens, teens, and young adults, the Trotter stroller for disabled teenager is just perfect. The special needs stroller for teenagers comes with controls and levers that are easily accessible by teenagers.

The Trotter wheelchair is also one of the most-reputed adult handicap strollers on the market. Whether puny or well-built, your loved one can use this stroller for adults with ease, without worrying about comfort and safety.

Trotter Mobility Chair Specialty Stroller Accessories for the Trotter stroller

  • Extendable headrests - Perfect for tall children and adults, the extendable headrests provide additional back, neck, and head support.
  • Transit tie downs - The stroller can be equipped with optional transit tie down straps, which are perfect when traveling on the school bus or the subway.
  • Seat rail extension kit - Ideal to meet the growing needs of young and teenaged children, the seat rail extension rods increase the height and depth of the adaptive stroller by 3 inches.
  • Under seat carrier - The detachable under seat carrier can be used to carry toys, books, blankets, and food boxes for your loved one.
  • Medical necessity utility bag - This is a zippered bag that is attached to the back of the stroller chair. Easily accessible by both the user and the caregiver, it is perfect to carry medication, tubes, and medical equipment that cannot be attached onto the special needs stroller.
  • Lateral support & scoli strap - Designed to assist with Scoliosis correction, the lateral support straps provide the support and positioning the individual needs when seated in the stroller.
  • Contoured head wings - Provides extensive lateral head support and positioning; ideal for people who require consistent neck and head support.
  • Adjustable footholds - The Trotter adaptive strollers for special needs also come with footholds and footpads, which make the stroller extremely comfortable to sit in, for long durations of time. 
  • Canopy - The best protection from sudden rain or snow spells. Available in both 16 inches and 18 inches.
  • Full torso vest - Designed to provide full-body support, this vest can be worn by children and adults who need postural correction when seated.
  • Upper extremity support - This is an adjustable tray made for feeding and playtime that can be attached to the stroller for special needs children. Ideal when sending your little one to school, it offers trunk stabilization and prevents forward slumping.

The Trotter Mobility Chair Specialty Stroller is a special needs stroller available through  private purchase,  or may be eligible through your associated organization through grants.  Call CWI Medical to order or for more information at  1-877-929-4633     

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