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What is Green Soap?

What is Green Soap?

Green Soap for Tattoos

Green soap is use to improve infection control protocols in tattoo parlors and piercings studios.

What is Green Soap Made of?

Coscp green soap is made of an environmentally safe plant based water soluble vegetable oil-based soap piercing studios and friendly to the earth.  While the name suggests that the soap is Green, it is more of a yellowish tint that comes from the manufacturing process.  Cosco does not add dyes to make it green.  It is a dye-free soap.  

Uses for Green Soap

Tattoos and piercings can be considered a surgical procedure and therefore infection control protocols are very importnat to keep customers healthy and safe with skin wash and applying stencils. You can use Tincture of Green Soap to prep the tattoo or piercing site loction and clean the tattoo machines and tools. Cosco Green Soap can remove dirt, blood and ink.  Since it is non-corrosive. you can soak your tattoo equipment to breakup any dried on debris prior to cleaning and sterilization.

Green Soap versus Regular Soap

The tincture green soap plant vegatible base oils and glycercols provides additional moisture that reduce skin irritation, hydrates, and will not deplete the skins natural oils.  Regular antibacterial soap has chemicials that strip the skin of natural oils and will dryout the skin.  Many soaps have dyes, scents and additives that can also irritate the sensitive skin.  For an artist, green soap is a cost effective way to maintain cleanliness which will speed up tattoo and piercing healing

Preparing your Work Area for Tattoos and Piercings

Green soap Near Me should be located at the workstation in nalgene squeeze bottles wrapped in plastic to prevent cross-contamination. The dilution of the Cosco Green Soap is 1 part green soap to 9 parts water.

Cosco Tincture of Green Soap

Costco Tincture of Green Soap


Not for use on skin, but on the tattoo workstations use these disenfectants such as Madacide 1


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