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All About FSA Eligible Fall Prevention Aids

People who are fall risks such as the elderly, those who have suffered injuries, or individuals who have limited mobility need to know about fall prevention. Additionally, a fall risk person’s family should also be well-educated on fall prevention advice and how to care for the person in need. There are many products that can help with fall prevention to provide safety and security. Even better, most fall prevention equipment is also FSA eligible. FSA eligibility means that an item or service is eligible to be used with the flexible spending account one has put money into for medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy expenses.

FSA Eligible Fall Prevention Aids What are Fall Prevention Aids?

Fall prevention aids are pieces of medical equipment that help prevent individuals from experiencing potentially dangerous falls. Older people like the elderly, disabled people, those who have experienced injuries, and others may be at risk for falling and further injuring themselves. While a small slip and fall may not severely injure an otherwise healthy person, falls can be dangerously detrimental to people who have preexisting health conditions or are in compromised health. Fall prevention aids are therefore a crucial part of maintaining independence and safety for those deemed fall risks.

Canes as Fall Prevention Aids

A cane can be an incredibly useful way to provide comfort security for people who may be at risk of falling. Canes come in a variety of forms, sizes, and dimensions to suit the unique needs of each individual. CWI Medical offers the Offset Handle Cane,  the T Handle Cane,  the Quad Cane with a large base, the Glow and Go Folding Cane,  and the Folding Cane with an adjustable height. All our canes are FSA eligible. 

Fall Prevention Aids for the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most common places people experience slips and falls. More specifically, the bathtub or the shower can be especially hazardous due to the slippery nature of wet floors and uneven flooring. That is why it is particularly important to have FSA eligible fall prevention aids like grab bars for the shower. CWI Medical offers several different grab bars including White Powder Coated Grab Bars,   Suction Cup Grab Bars,  and the Chrome Knurled Grab Bar.  Other useful items for the bathroom include a Plastic Tub Rail for a safe and comfortable grip, and a bathmat to fit inside of the bathtub.

Another way to help prevent falls is to provide seating when it might otherwise be unavailable. That’s where the Cane Sling/Seat comes in handy. This two-in-one device acts as a sturdy quad cane when closed and opens up to provide a comfortable seat to reset on when open.

The most important thing to keep in mind when thinking about fall prevention is the person in question’s safety. Family members and healthcare professionals alike turn to CWI Medical for FSA eligible fall prevention aids.


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Bath Mat, Large, 15.75 x 35.5 inches
Bath Mat, Large, 15.75 x 35.5 inches
Folding Cane, Height Adjustable
Folding Cane, Height Adjustable


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