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What Are Training Manikins Used For? How Can I Use Them To Teach Everything, From Parenting To Saving Lives?

The term ‘simulation’ refers to a technique of practice and knowledge that is used by several different trainees and disciplines. This technique is effective in replacing and amplifying real-life situations with “immersive” guided ones, which can replicate most facets of the actual world.

Simulation Training Manikin For several years now, simulation-guided learning has helped in developing the skills, attitudes and knowledge of health professionals, while also safeguarding patients from undesirable risks. This type of medical education could serve as a platform that offers a valuable learning tool for resolving practical dilemmas and reducing ethical tensions.

Use Of Simulation In Healthcare And Day-To-Day Life

Research suggests that majority of the serious medical errors occur in the area of acute care. In this area, team effectiveness is the key factor determining the final outcome. In the former years, there was hardly any training provision for rehearsing team effectiveness. But with simulation, things have changed drastically. Simulation has managed to address this training need in the best possible way. It allows for the recreation of time-bound and critical events so that physicians and doctors can establish relevant protocols and improve communication for greater efficiency and success.

The professional training of a nurse includes a lot of practical training. Nurses need to learn both simple and complicated procedures including positioning, transferring patients, feeding, stoma care, post and pre-operation care and the administration of drugs. Hands-on training is critical to some extent in nearly all these procedures.

One of the most commonly used tool in simulation training is a ‘manikin’. Whether you’re a physician, a hands-on nurse or new parent, a training manikin can help you get around numerous difficult tasks and even save lives in threatening scenarios.

A manikin simulator can allow the student to learn, practice, refine and implement various procedures with the help of a life-size patient model which can breathe, demonstrate a heartbeat and pulse and showcase other vital life signs. It is possible to program this manikin patient to display several different medical emergencies like a stroke or heart attack. Manikins can even simulate serious injury or trauma, talk and give birth. Further, these computerized patients are designed to be responsive to anesthesia gases and medications.

Let’s have a look at the features and functioning of some of the most popular simulation manikins in the market:

Advanced GERi Auscultation Manikin

Advanced GERi Auscultation Manikin

The Advanced GERi Auscultation Manikin is designed to show movement like a real person. It displays a complete range of lifelike motion and accurate patient positioning. The manikin looks like an elderly person with wrinkles and skin folds and is an excellent support in training for real-life scenarios. The length of the full-size manikin is 58 inches. The GERi Auscultation Manikin is quite lightweight and weighs just about 28 lbs. The female-looking manikin can be converted into a male with the removal of the wig and by attaching male genitals.

This manikin is useful for the following kinds of visual inspections:

  • Sacral ulcer (Stage 1)
  • Cancerous and normal mole
  • Reddened/irritated skin folds
  • Constricted and dilated pupils

The student can practice several different techniques and procedures on the Geri manikin including wound dressing and bandaging, change of clothes, bed baths, denture removal and placement, douching and pap smears, transfer techniques, prostate examinations and others.

Ready-Or-Not Tot Basic Parenting Manikin

Ready-Or-Not Tot Basic Parenting Manikin The Ready-Or-Not Tot Basic Parenting Manikin is a valuable and pocket-friendly educational tool for all new parents, nannies and nurses. This baby manikin is programmed to cry at set intervals throughout the day and it is necessary for the student to press a specific button in order to silence it and tend it for a ten-minutes. After these 10 minutes are over, the baby manikin will cry and the student would need to press the button for initiating the sleeping cycle.

The Ready-Or-Not Tot Basic Parenting Manikin is the best parenting manikin for all new parents. It teaches about the prevention of teen pregnancy by demonstrating parenting demands besides facilitating the teaching of extensive baby care.

Rescue Randy Large Body Manikin

Rescue Randy Large Body Manikin The Rescue Randy Large Body Manikin has been designed to train individuals in handling juvenile adult patients, including extrication and transportation training. This manikin is extremely useful in situations that are too uncomfortable or hazardous for real human volunteers.

The manikin is made from durable vinyl and is designed for rough use and longevity. It features weight distribution and articulated joints in accordance with the distribution chart of human weights.

The Rescue Randy Large Body Manikin is completely articulated for placing in all kinds of diverse training environments. You can seat the manikin in a vehicle, put it in a room of smoke or lay on a stretcher for a mountain rescue training session. This manikin is excellent for mimicking victim removal from conduits, utility poles, tunnels, mine cave-ins and several other training processes.

It is widely believed that training manikins have their use in the medical and healthcare world only. In reality, all caretakers, whether professional nurses or parents, need simulation training to some extent. This training could play a significant role in emergency situations as well as day-to-day care-taking, and even save lives.

Training manikins such as the Kim Newborn CPR Manikin, for instance, have been designed for teaching infant CPR and can be really helpful in handling a life-threatening situation. This manikin is made to look like a newborn baby and is extremely lightweight with its foam-stuffed body. It features disposable nose and mouth pieces for each trainee along with disposable airways for CPR training.

The Need And Benefits Of Simulation Or Manikin Training

We live in a world where there is increasing public awareness about medical errors. Hence, we are noticing a change in both professional and public. Handling medical events and practicing procedures cannot be a ‘first-time event’ in the case of any patient. And simulation is that one thing which can effectively tie theoretical learning with all the ‘first times’. There are multiple advantages of simulation-based training’ it is risk-free and safe for all trainees and helps them develop confidence and build competence.

Simulation training and practice centers are now equipped with the latest equipment and techniques and can offer unique prospects for practicing and managing dynamic, unprecedented and complex medical situations. The performance of human beings in both healthcare and aviation domains is significantly impacted by situational context (interaction between factors such as the environment, behavior of teams and the task). The skill set that can be greatly enhanced by using simulation includes:

  1. Functional and technical expertise training
  2. Team-dependent competencies, communications and interpersonal skills
  3. Decision-making and problem-solving skills

Medical simulation has the ability to quickly seize and represent a variety of different patient problems for a learner and is much more effective than traditional training techniques. It eliminates the need to sit and wait for real life encounters in both the personal and professional space. Such simulations are proving to be extremely successful in exposing learners to practical experiences and life threatening or rare patient situations, where the frequency of presentation is less, but stakes are extremely high.

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