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Where to buy Nitrile Gloves?


Gloves in demand for hospitals facing shortages due to COVID-19: Premier

With a shortage of Nitrile Gloves, many are wondering where to buy Nitrile Gloves and why is there such a shortage.  According to Health Industry Distributors Association, glove manufacturers are able to produce 370 Billion gloves per year, while the demand is 585 billion gloves. In addition with the COVID-19 shut down of 28 factories of the largest supplier of gloves, Malaysican Top Glove this past November does not help when they have reported an 110% increase in demand compared to the 4.5 billion before the pandemic.  As cases grow with COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, the demand will continue to be strong and outstrip the current supply.

Nursing home cite shortages of masks, gloves, gowns and other PPE

Nitrile gloves were developed as an answer to those who have developed allergies to the latex proteins in latex gloves, and over the years the nitrile butadiene fomula has improved to provide the same feel as latex gloves.  

To keep the conversation in meeting the demand for gloves.  There is a huge concern with cross contamination.  It has been reported that the Yukon-Kuskowkwim Health Corp have reused gloves up to 6 times between patients.  The shortage can be contributed as larger states prepare for administering vaccines by stock piling items needed to provide the COVID shots from Pfizer, Moderna and from other Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.  Click here to find COVID Vaccine Freezers

Longer wait times for PPE, full-blown shortages concern doctors amid Coronavirus Pandemic

An alternative is to create a hybrid glove that contains nitrile and vinyl combination to provide the some nitrile elasticity with the durability of vinyl.  This combination offers a good option that to the shortages in Nitrile.  While it is not as elastic as a 100% Nitrile or Latex Glove, many find it a great alternative. The Versafit Glove is that nitrile/vinyl glove.  Click here for more info  

To meet the growing demand in PPE, the Versafit Glove is currently being using in different healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, doctors offices, and group homes.


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