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Banatrol Plus Overview

Finding natural relief for diarrhea from a local retailer that can delivery quickly and reliable to your home, can be hard to find. If you have a loved one young or old who might have the flu, taking an antibotic, have an infectious disease, have side effects from chemotherapy, they may need a fast and effective anti-diarrheal made with banana flakes which that contain soluble fibers to create a gel to help thicken loose stool consistency and have a prebiotic that helps reabsorb flud in the colon to promote gut health. 

Banatrol Plus Anti-Diarrheal Powder

CWI Medical is happy to supply Banatrol Plus to New York and across the country offering different shipping methods, including auto-ship so that you do not have to worry about calling us or ordering on time since Banatrol Plus will be shipping on a schedule of your choosing.

CWI Medical cares greatly about our customers and value all of our customers feedback to provide awesome customer experience. The Founder of CWI Medical understood the needs of friends and families and wanted to make sure everyone who shops at CWI Medical is able to receive the products they needed on a timely manner and at a fair price.  CWI Medical know that someone on tube feedings only received nutrition in liquid form and Banatrol Plus might be one of the supplements needed to maintain a healthy life. 

What Can You Mix Banatrol With?

You can mix Banatrol with any nutritional supplements such as Ensure Clear Mixed Berry,   Ensure Plus Chocolate or Vanilla, Boost Drink Original, Ensure Pudding / Boost Pudding,   Pureed Foods  and Thickened Liquids.  Most customers like to mix Banatrol Plus with any chocolate flavored nutritional supplement.

CWI Medical for over 27 years, customers have been coming back for our 5 start rated customer service.  When you are looking for Banatrol Plus in New York, New Jersey, Conneticut, California, Florida, and across the nation, we are honored for the opportunioty to be of service to you and your family. Banatrol Plus is one of the highest quality products that we are happy to carry for you.  The quality of that product matches our level of commitment to you. Our phone lines are always open to answer any questions at 631-753-8390 or you can use our live chat or send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible with the solution for your needs.

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